lørdag den 4. december 2010

Todays craft

It's sooo cold outside.. But  Maggie and Molly don't mind. They really love all this snow; see?

Well, staying inside, is a nice excuse for making some crafty stuff.. Made these candlelightholders out of some used milkcontainers, earlier. (Recycling and re-using things for crafts, is someway often on my mind. I'm not that ecologic, just think it's fun!!)
I made a little tutorial on how to make these. The text is in Danish, though, but the pics should speak for themselves. You can watch it here

2 kommentarer:

  1. Sweet little houses! they would make a cute bird feeder too! Maggie and Molly look like they are having a wonderful time :) Aren't pets the greatest.

  2. Hej! Tak for dine besøg og beskeden på min blog!

    De der huse er godt nok fine - gemmer lige billedet på min computer til senere inspiration :-)