lørdag den 26. februar 2011

A curved lady

Last week, I had a wonderful time making this curved, sexy lady.. :o)

A friend of mine, said: You're such a little, skinny woman - how come you wanna draw/paint big women, now? Well, the reason is so obvious, in my opinion. I find that women with round shapes are far more sexy, and often have an erotic charisma. The progress in drawing them, is very challenging, so that's what I love working with, at the moment. I've made several sketches for the next, curved ladies. It'll be quite fun!
See how I made this from scratch, in this video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzwckOBQa60

This sketch, (made with pencil & crayon) will be the next project on canvas:

Hope you're all at good health and happy. Have a nice weekend :o)

torsdag den 10. februar 2011

Princesses for a princess..

"No Hear"
"No See"

"No Speak"
 Right after Christmas, some very good friends og mine, had a little baby girl. I promised to make some wall-decor for her room, and ended up with these princesses. It was a funny projekt to make, but well, the backgrounds are a bit sloppy - I knooow ;-)
But considering my loss of creative inspiration and motivation, I'm okay satisfied with the result. -And best of all; so is her parents :-)

I'm not bloggin' that much these days - but I'm following what all of you talented and creative people are uploading. And I absolutely love it and enjoys it. Keep safe, folks <3

The lovely little baby Silke. (Her name means silk - like the fabric - in danish) She kindda look mad, when I took the photo, lol