søndag den 28. november 2010

This year for Christmas, I've decided to make my own Christmas cards for my loved ones.
The fascination of recycling is is still my passion, so I've found a big pile of free postcards, that has been hidden away for many years now. With some gold leaf, glittering glue, a drawing - the cards have turned out to be very personal.. But I don't have in mind to make 20 or something!
Started out with at pencil sketch..

Gave her life with crayons, added a bit of shadows and so.. You know.

And finally, "messed" her up with glue, glitter, goldleaf, etc.
("God Jul" Means "Merry Christmas" in Danish)

Made another one (-and another, and another.. But they're not dry yet!)

Well, in a couple of days, these cards are arriving to my beloved family. Giving them a smile and a warm Christmas thought, is just as joyful as it is to make them..
Nothing beats a day like this. To make creative stuff, just give me the peace and relaxation I need so much, these days.

Merry Christmas, folks c")

Glædelig 1. Søndag i Advent! c")

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  1. they are lovely! I think making your own cards is so much more special than just buying them. Your family will be so happy!

    Have a Merry Christmas

  2. Hi Sheila, it's nice to meet you and see your blog which looks great! I don't think you messed your girl up at all! Maybe that is your word for how I say "doctored up" ha ha.. I'm glad your blog is in English. Come by and sign up for my little giveaway on my blog! You have until Friday, hope to see you!


    p.s. thanks for joining me!