lørdag den 27. november 2010

I have finally stepped out of the stone age...

...and started blogging. That was about time!

For a long time, I've watched and read a lot of other blogs. Mainly from other creative folks, like myself.

I think this a great way to share with other people with creative interests, what I do. But the best part, though, is to find inspiration and the joy of watching what other crafters do.

Working with mixed-media, is quite new to me.. But I absolutely love it! For many years, I've either been drawing, OR painting OR making jewelry, collages, crocheting... But now i feel that I have found out, what's most dear to me: Making collages with watercolor/acrylic/drawing and different kind of papercuts from magazines, design paper etc.

As soon I'm getting famliar with this blogging-thing, I will upload photos with some of the stuff I make.

Right now, it's time for a hot cup of tea... It's so cold outside right now - Denmark is all frozen, and covered with beautiful snow. Brrr!
By the way: The picture is watercolor/acrylic and decoupage, on canvas. Measures 30x30 cm.

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  1. Hi Sheila,

    I really like your art. Very funky. Can't wait to see more.