onsdag den 15. december 2010

A witch?

No, not me. (-even though SOME people would say I am.. lol)

My strange mood, these days, made me want to make a picture with a kind of creepy image.
I think she turned out okay. Just got tired of making happy faces all the time..

I used crayons, watercolor, napkins and decoupage glue. The hand look a bit awkward, but I'm always practicing hands..  It annoys me sometimes when I see people draw beautiful, very detailed faces. No offense, but still..  The hands people draw - if they even bother too- often  looks like skin-colored mitts. Practice, practice! That's the only way :o)

Well, next project is already on my mind. I have this canvas just standing in a corner. Measures 100x100 cm. I'ts about time to splatter it with some nice acrylics, buttery decoupage glue and images. Yummy <3
That'll be fun, I think.

Merry Christmas, everyone and hey - if anyone has seen a lost Christmas-mood somewhere, please send it to me. Really need it. Thank you in advance ;o)

Well, time for making supper. See ya

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  1. Hi Sheila, thank you for your visit! Love your witch she is very gorgeous and quirky :0) in answer to your question about my pendants they were my first attempt which I used some diamond glaze over the top off but I have found that it felt a little sticky even after drying. I have since gone out today and found a waterproofing agent especially for fimo so i shall try that next :0)

  2. Hi, Sheila. Thanks for visiting my blog and for following. It's good to meet you, and I look forward to following your blog.

  3. Vad fint du gör, gillar det verkligen ;)

    kram Marina

  4. Hi Sheila, I love this piece. I totally agree with you about the hands. They are in my opinion one of the hardest parts to draw. I also get tired of drawing happy faces and this is a great alternative.