tirsdag den 28. juni 2011

Did I forget my blog...?

No! But I'ts been a busy periode in my life. Mostly, I've made a lot of paintings, (nice excuse for not blogging.. ;-) but now it's about time to share with you, some of the picture's I've made.
I have been reading other peoples blogs, though. Always wonderful to see, what you creative people have made. Makes me happy and inspired! But here goes: I'm experimenting with acrylic/collage on wood. I like the hard surface better, than canvas:

This is so much fun, working with. I've started another painting in this style, quite big. (100 X 100 centimeters - don't know what that is in inches... ) It's for a painting contest; very exciting.

I've made a Facebook page: Here Well.. It's Danish, but I mostly upload pictures. Do have a look, and last but not least: Happy, crafty summer, folks!

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